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The first question I am always asked... What is Bitch Ballz?
First and foremost, Bitch Ballz is a Fashion Statement that appeals to the Alpha Female in all of us! After all, we are the prime movers of our society, as well as the ones that raise our children, make our homes, and hold down a job to keep food on the table and get the bills paid. Bitch Ballz is a not so subtle way to remind your family and friends who the Baddest Bitch really is... YOU!  "I'm the Boss Bitch! (And Don't You Ever Forget It!)".

We Are Who's Boss! With our Kids and our Significant Others, we are the ones that have the final say... as it should be. But sometimes we need to remind the people around us, which is where Bitch Ballz comes in... WE HELP YOU EXPRESS YOURSELF!!! Whether you place one of our free backgrounds or images on your Facebook or MySpace pages, or adorn your body with our clothing items, temporary tattoos, and accessories, When you Wear Your Bitch Ballz, you Show that the Boss Bitch is YOU!

In addition, Bitch Ballz allows you to make several statements that address the various aspects of your life. For example, whenever I go out to a club, I am constantly hit on by those douche bags that think they are God's Gift! I have created multiple designs that address these very issues, letting them know  "I Got My Bitch Ballz On! (You Might Want To Back Off!)", or  "I Am Wearing Bitch Ballz... (So Stop Acting Like A Dumb Ass!)". Both designs are very effective in stopping "Joe Gonad" right in his tracks!

The second question I am asked... Don't you find the word "bitch" derogatory?
My answer is "Hell No!" I, like hundreds of millions of other women on this planet, look at the term "Bitch" as one of endearment. I use Bitch with my friends and associates in a very complimentary manner. I know I'm a bitch, and you know what, I'm proud of it! My Bitches and I are down with all of this... and with their help, we're bringing our Bitch Ballz to the rest of you!

The third question I am asked... Why Bitch Ballz?
Why not? In the 60's we burnt bras and became known as "hippie bitches". In the 70's, we fought for the Equal Rights Amendment, and became known as "feminist bitches". In the 80's we wore big hair and spandex, and became known as "groupie bitches" or "rocker bitches". In the 90's we kicked it with style, and became known as "badd bitches".

Since the turn of the century (2000's), we've taken our households on our backs, working our assess off all day at our jobs, and all night in our homes. There is nothing that gets done on this planet, that doesn't have a woman who's role is essential to making things happen! We're "Working Bitches" these days, and you know what, we need to stand proud and unite together to let the world know it!

Bitch Ballz is Our Thing Ladies! Its the way we can show each other and the world that we are united, strong and resolved! It's our way to Show Who's Boss!

Love, Tricia!

GET YOUR BITCH BALLZ ON!!! Wear Bitch Ballz Official Merchandise and SHOW WHO'S BOSS! Be the First Girl on Your Block to Wear Your Bitch Ballz!!!

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